Our herbal adventure story


As an herbalist, midwife, mother, and community activist, I studied herbs to help my family, friends, and the families of my clients throughout their reproductive lifespan- from pregnancy to newborns and the grandmother elders.

We grow many of the herbs so we can ensure they are organic and chemical free, we wildcraft as a family (my children recognize many herbs and we love to go for walks to harvest seasonal herbs), dry the herbs together in our home, and blend the herbs together with love. I started creating custom blends to help my family, friends, and clients, who all recommended them to others, and the love spread from there as we realized how much these herbs could help others.

It started with my difficulty sleeping, my colicy baby, then my daughter’s abdominal migraines, another daughter’s anxiety, then my son’s restlessness. I started making blends of tea for them that helped so much, except sometimes they didn’t want tea. I realized how much we absorb through our skin, so I started extracting the medicinal herbs (including ones my children found too bitter tasting for drinking tea) into high quality beneficial oils and blending herbal medicinal oils (not essential oils) to massage onto them for the same benefits as the teas, which worked wonders and I could get a higher dose onto them. They also loved getting a massage, which came with its own loving benefits as well! Bathtime became more fun and healing with medicinal bath bombs and body scrubs.

We went through some troubling times and I started having autoimmune issues from chronic stress. With my degree in Psychobiology and my background in Neuroscience, I extensively studied psychoneuroimmunology and the effects of chronic stress and inflammation on the brain and body. I began intensively studying herbal healing through adaptogens, anti-cytokines, nervines, and a massive variety of healing herbs, always mindful of safety for pregnancy and breastfeeding mamas.

So enjoy your healing journey, from our family to yours!