Womb Cleanse Steam Bath Herbs


Womb Cleanse Steam Bath Herbs


womb cleanse steam bath herbs

Traditional Asian and Central American healing practice of sitting over steaming herbal baths to nourish, cleanse pelvic stagnancy, tonify the womb, promote fertility, support cycle regularity, calm menstrual cramps, relax the pelvic floor, balance the reproductive system.

For local women, I can include rental of my birth stool, which is perfect to sit on while steaming.

comes in a 1/2 liter Weck jar

Ingredients: lavender, yarrow, motherwort, calendula, rose, mugwort, comfrey leaves, sage, chamomile, red raspberry leaves, and st. john’s wort

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To use: simmer (covered) 1 quart of water to 1 cup of herbs for 15 minutes. Let cool to temperature comfortable for your vulva. Sit or squat over the herbal tea, wrap yourself and basin in blankets so no heat escapes for 30 minutes or more. Rest and nurture after. Ideally done daily 1-3 days before your monthly bleed for cleansing, PMS, heavy or painful cycles, or cycle regulation; after monthly bleeding but before ovulation for fertility enhancement. You may notice heavier or darker bleeding or cramping with your cycles after steaming as your womb cleanses itself deeply.

Avoid in pregnancy, if you have an IUD, or vaginal infection.