georganna is now seeing women for annual exams/gynecology care at thrive ob

currently not attending homebirths 


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Since its founding in 2010,  Savannah Midwifery’s goal has been to empower women on their journey through womanhood, and to help women and families enjoy their births. Care through Savannah Midwifery is comfortable, tailored to your needs and concerns, respectful, gentle, and relaxed with an emphasis on wellness, education, and informed decisions.

Home birth midwives have a reputation for providing high touch care (a skill being lost in today’s busy world) with few interventions (meaning significantly fewer cesarean sections, inductions, and prescription medications). Wellness at Savannah Midwifery is approached holistically with an emphasis on natural approaches including herbs, acupuncture, massage, and chiropractic care. You are expected to be an active participant and make informed decisions about your care, as well as be involved in the education provided. Being an involved partner in your own care means that many topics are discussed at visits, multiple options are presented, and you only do the tests, screenings, and lab work that you feel comfortable with. Questions are encouraged and addressed at each and every visit.

Your experience with GeorgAnna at Savannah Midwifery is likely very different than what most have come to expect from the standard medical model. There are no paper gowns, no stirrups, and no pelvic exams (certainly not at the first visit!) unless requested or indicated (a Pap Smear is offered at the 4-6 week postpartum visit, or as part of an annual Well Woman exam).  Clients feel appointments are more like chatting with a friend over tea than having a medical exam. There are plenty of toys for children of all ages to explore while partners and family feel at ease in the cozy home like setting.

Well Woman Care

Includes annual exams, preconception counseling, birth control, Pap Smears, and STD screening. Exams are done gently and you are encouraged to guide the pace. GeorgAnna specializes in working with women who have never had an exam (including young ladies, as needed), those with special needs (mental or physical), and women who have histories of abuse (being touched or spoken to inappropriately, or treated with disrespect in their past), and encourage you to inform them of this history so they can help you in your healing journey as it intersects your birth and intimate healthcare needs.


Transport and Cesarean Section rate of clients at Savannah Midwifery

  • GeorgAnna's transport rate (of women in labor from home to the hospital) is 5.26%, or 5 clients in 6 years. Newborn transport rate is 3.94%, or 3 in 5 years (two to the hospital, one to their Pediatrician). Two Savannah Midwifery clients who transported from home to hospital and had non-emergent cesareans.

These are by far the lowest transport and cesarean rates of any provider (midwife or obstetrician) in the region. What is the cesarean rate (and transport rate, if applicable) of your current provider? Always a good question to ask. 



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