Home Birth 

connecting with your unborn baby



preparing siblings for homebirth

Birth Videos/Photos

Animal births (great to watch with siblings and let them choose an animal!)


Tongue & Lip Ties:


Cloth Diapers

Delayed Cord Clamping

  • GeorgAnna always does delayed cord clamping. Read here to find out why.

Fertility Awareness (there are some great apps for this)

Local Businesses

  • Doulas - I do my best to keep up with who is still an active doula. I have not worked with all of these, but provide them here as a resource to help you on your journey.
    • Sarah Gantt - her home birth inspired her to become a doula
    • Tiffany Hensley-Cummings - Savannah Doula Services
    • Amy Hundley Rose - Blooming Rose Birth Services
    • Jessica Hulderman 
    • Ann Carroll 
    • Sara Edwards -
    • Emily Ann Bohannon
    • Katie Mancil 912.417.9668
    • Curlin Sullivan - Baby Steps with Curlin
  • Photographers (Birth, Newborn, Family)
  • Physicians/Therapists

Newborn/Baby Care




Special Concerns