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Offering home births, water births, herbs, and natural alternatives in Georgia and South Carolina. 

Empowering women by helping women help themselves.

 Interested in evidence-based alternatives to medicalized Ob-Gyn care?  Feel the medical model of birth is fragmented, overpriced, and impersonal? Alarmed by the rising cesarean section rates in the US? Then perhaps I can help…

As a state licensed and nationally certified Certified Nurse Midwife (CNM) in Georgia and a CPM (Certified Professional Midwife) in South Carolina, I am qualified to provide care for healthy, low-risk women and their babies during pregnancy, birth, after the birth, and to help with your women’s health needs from birth control to menopause, and everything in between. 

Now accepting insurance for annual exams and well woman care!

Savannah Midwifery offers:


  • Contrary to popular belief, yes, it is legal to birth at home in Georgia and South Carolina!
  • click the link for more info on homebirths
  • experienced with waterbirths (and I supply, set up, and take down the heated tub)
  • breastfeeding support
  • placenta encapsulation, if desired (and you get your capsules within the first few days!)

For more information, please visit the homebirth page

Placenta Encapsulation

Placenta encapsulation is available to any birthing family, not just homebirth clients. I only do the raw technique as I want to preserve all the delicate hormone protein molecules that are sensitive to heat. $150 and delivered to you within 2 days. Available on my “shopping” page.

Prenatal Care

  • certified HypnoBirthing® instructor
  • a holistic model of care  from a Certified Nurse Midwife (CNM)/Certified Professional Midwife (CPM)
  • herbal and natural remedies, massage, exercises, and alternative therapies used when desired. I grow many of the herbs and make my own custom blends.
  • Mexican rebozo and Mayan abdominal massage techniques in prenatal care when appropriate

Doula and Monitrice Services

For those planning a hospital VBAC (Vaginal Birth After Cesarean), I offer doula/monitrice services. My experience working in local hospitals, having been trained in the hospital environment, and knowing how to “speak the language” means I can help increase your chances of a vaginal birth. Prenatally, I help you with your birth plan, help you maintain optimal fetal positioning, help promote a healthy pregnancy, attend prenatal visits with you to facilitate communication with your obstetrician, set up a heated labor pool in your home, and provide herbal supplements if you like. When you are in labor, I use my Hypnobirthing training as a doula, and my midwifery training to monitor your cervical dilation, your vital signs, and your baby so you can arrive at the hospital in active labor (4+cm dilation), thereby significantly increasing your chances of a successful VBAC. I am also available for lactation support and provide healing herbs for postpartum. 

Labor or Birth Pool Rentals

Aqua-Doula self heating birth or labor pools are available for rental and come with single use disposable liners, a mirror, and a rubber ducky. 

Women’s Health Services 

Annual exams, labwork, birth control counseling, all in the privacy of your own home, if you prefer!


I offer homegrown and custom blended women’s health, pregnancy, or milk boosting/lactation support (galactagogue) teas, herbal sitz baths to help heal, effective natural handmade hemorrhoid remedies, salves safe for cloth diapers and breastfeeding….. All handmade at Savannah Midwifery with many herbs wildcrafted or homegrown organically in my yard. These are items that I provide for homebirth clients and am now selling to the public by popular demand.  Please visit my “shopping” page. 


Help with slings including woven wraps, stretchy wraps, Onbuhimo, Pods/Podeagi, ring slings, Mei Tai’s…. 

Savannah Midwifery with Savannah Slingers hosts monthly sling meets the 2nd friday and 4th Saturday of every month where everyone from beginner to expert baby wearers are welcome to join us and learn new carries, try out different slings, get hands on help, or just hang out and make new friends! Please join “Savannah Slingers” on Facebook for more info.

Cloth Diapering Info

Experienced with cloth diapering… check out the links to the right and help save the planet!


GeorgAnna was voted “Best Midwife” for 2012 in Savannah by Connect readers! Thank you, Connect readers!!!

Feel free to email or call me about any of the above information or events, and thank you for viewing my website. 


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