As a state licensed and nationally credentialed Certified Nurse Midwife (CNM) in Georgia and a Certified Professional Midwife (CPM) in South Carolina, GeorgAnna Wiley of Savannah Midwifery is qualified to provide care for healthy, low-risk women and their babies during pregnancy, birth, after the birth, and to help with your health needs from birth control to menopause, and everything in between. And yes, home birth is legal in Georgia and South Carolina!

Offered by Savannah Midwifery to women in Georgia and South Carolina:

  • Placenta encapsulation specialist (OSHA certified since 1999) using the Raw Method
  • Well Woman Care (annual exams, preconception counseling, birth control needs, Pap Smears, STD screening, menopausal visits, pessary fittings)
  • Family Planning (natural methods as well as birth control, including Paragard and Mirena IUD insertions and removals)
  • Preconception care and counseling
  • Home Birth Services (includes prenatal, homebirth, supplies, postpartum, and newborn care) 
  • Waterbirths - certified waterbirth provider through Waterbirth International
  • Labor / Birth Tub Rentals
  • Family Home Birth Workshops - Offered to help prepare you and your family for your home birth. This workshop teaches hands on skills to help your labor support team and siblings prepare to support you. The workshop will have families with due dates similar to yours and is a great opportunity to meet and connect with other likeminded families.
  • Herbal remedies (GeorgAnna grows medicinal herbs to make teas, salves, and natural remedies)
  • Cloth diapering and babywearing guidance - certified Babywearing Educator through Babywearing International 


Transport and Cesarean Section rate of clients at Savannah Midwifery

GeorgAnna's transport rate (of women in labor from home to the hospital) is 5.2%, or 3 clients in 5 years. Newborn transport rate is 3.5%, or 2 in 5 years (one to the hospital, one to their Pediatrician). No Savannah Midwifery clients who transported from home to hospital had a cesarean, so her cesarean rate is currently 0%. This is by far the lowest transport and cesarean rate of any provider (midwife or obstetrician) in the region. What is the cesarean rate (and transport rate, if applicable) of your current provider? Always a good question to ask. 

GeorgAnna Wiley, MSN, BSN, CNM (Certified Nurse Midwife), APRN, WHNP-BC, CPM

1127 Washington Avenue, Savannah, GA 31404

P (912) 344 – 5066 | F (912) 335 - 4494